Recent Projects


Strat Clone
cream-strat shielding
Strat clone body with new flame maple neck and ebony fretboard. Schaller M6 dual pin locking tuners and Tusq nut. Stock trem bridge. EMG SA active pickups with volume, EXG, and SPC controls - the same setup as David Gilmour's red Strat. New white perloid pickguard. EMF/RFI shielding isn't as important for active pickups as it is for passive ones, but I did this before I decided to upgrade the pickups. Plus, I believe that all pickup cavities on all electric guitars should be shielded.



'96 Ibanez Talman
'96 Ibanez Final
ibanez-pickguard ibanez-shielding
This is a '96 Ibanez that got it's frets leveled, crowned, and pollished along with a new handmade bone nut and reconditioned fretboard. All hardware was cleaned, polished, and lubed (where applicable). I used copper conductive paint to shield the pickup and control cavities and a coper sheeet on the pickguard. New EMG passive humbuckers with chrome covers were made to order. It had problems with tuning due to a bad nut and the owner considered going to a hardtail bridge, but with freshly lubed tuners and a properly made nut, I'll be setting the bridge up fully floating. It now sounds great and plays very nicely, too, with stable tuning. Knob for 3-way switch is on order.