Some of my current services include, but are not limited to: Setups, nut and saddle making/installing, fret levelling/crowning/polishing, re-stringing, pickup and controls repair and replacement, EMF shielding, adjusting intonation and action, limited repair of cracks/chips/dings, tuner repair and replacement, truss rod adjustment, neck replacement, pickguard repair/replacement.
I stock many common parts!
In the future, I'll be levelling fretboards, replacing frets, doing more advanced restoration work, and building custon guitars from scratch. At this time I'm building new guitars with premium bodies I select from Warmoth stock. I'm having them build necks according to my specs and I cut my headstock design and put a gloss polyurethane finish on.



I also give beginner and intermediate guitar lessons. I teach music theory as applied to guitar in conjunction with guitar technique and the care and feeding of guitars.