Current Projects


Tele Clone
This is a 10 year old tele copy that's getting a new maple/maple neck with vintage tint finish and gold Schaller M6 dual pin locking tuners. It has cpoper tape shielding (can be done with conductive paint) and and will get new active EMG pickups with a splittable humbucker in the neck position. It's getting all gold hardware with a Gotoh tele bridge and a black perloid pickguard. The black piece on the lower bout of the body is where a Fishman wireless MIDI controller attaches.



Gibson SG Bass
This bass is getting a polyurethane fisish over the stain. It's so dry here that the open pore stain finish of the body and neck suck up all the moisture in the case and make it extremely difficult to keep the fretboard humidified. If the fretboard gets dried out, it shrinks and the frets start sticking out over the sides of the neck. They're sharp and can cut one's hand. If the fretboard is bound, the frets will crack/break the binding. The frets can be filed off, but the shrinking of the fretboard is also longitudinal, causing the truss rod to have to be adjusted. That stresses the neck and fretboard and can cause a variety of problems. Also, it does get humid here at times causing cycles of shrinking and expansion. The best way to stabilize a guitar in a dry climate is to properly humidify it in some sort of case or room. With a quality setup, a properly humidified guitar will stay in tune and play at it's best.